Meet Sarah Marie

Sarah Marie has worked behind the chair for nearly 10 years and has grown into a stylist that wants more than to color your hair, but to help evoke your inner self through your personal style and inner healing. Through meaningful connections, continuing education in her hair craft and a desire to share through her personal experiences with the spiritual world, Sarah Marie is a unique force within the beauty industry and her community. Come experience some of her knowledge, gifts, services and favorite self care routines.

knowledge, creative inspiration and resources to
level up your personal style and well being.


internal musings, routines, writing and rituals


Sarah Marie’s Recommended Products

Winter Regimen’s

The Oi Shampoo helps add hydration to fine and thick hair types while not leaving the hair heavy or greasy.  During the winter months the cooler temperatures can dehydrate our skin and hair so focusing on adding a hydrating wash on our hair is a great start to protecting your hair’s health.  

The Oi Oil is something you can you on your hair wet, dry, as a scalp hydrator and as a heat protector.  Another wonderful attribute of the oi line is the Roucou oil which comes from a flower and lacks pigment so as blonde or natural gray and platinum clients use it they won’t see any additional yellow warmth added to their lighter colored hair.  

The Circle Hair Mask Series come with a variety of treatments for your hair and scalp.  These travel friendly masks are wonderful to use when we are in a city with different water than we are typically used to and allow you to keep a variety of treatments on hand to treat different ailments that our hair can experience.   You can utilize them as a quick conditioning treatment after you wash your hair with shampoo, or you can make it more of a ritual and let them soak in for 10-20 minutes as you take a bath.


Connect with Sarah Marie

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