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Sarah Marie has worked behind the chair for nearly 10 years and has grown into a stylist that wants more than to color your hair, but to help evoke your inner self through your personal style. Through meaningful connections, continued education in her hair craft and a desire to share through her personal experiences Sarah Marie is a unique force within the beauty industry and her community. Come experience some of her knowledge, services and favorite self care routines in and out of the salon.

knowledge, creative inspiration and resources to
level up your personal style and well being.


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Sarah Marie’s Recommended Products

My focus right now is on scalp health which leads to long term benefits for your hair.

The Renewing Shampoo helps reset the your scalp and add shine to your hair which gives preventative maintenance for our hair as we age.

The Renewing Conditioner is one of my favorites because there is more than one way to use it: one it can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment if your scalp is feeling dry/tight before washing your hair and secondly it is a lightweight conditioner that hydrates the hair and the scalp without weighing it down.

The Solu Sea Salt Scrub Shampoo is a great way to treat buildup or to help prep the scalp before doing a deeper conditioning treatment; you can use this 1-3 times a month when you’re feeling a little extra oily or if you’ve used a little more product than you normally would, you can also cocktail a small amount of the scrub with your shampoo to help keep your buildup “at bay” on a regular basis if you are more oily by nature.


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