Meet Parker Todd

Parker Todd has been a part of the fashion industry for the last 14 years and has fused his interest in fashion with the barber industry.  He is here to help clients connect their desire to maintain, change or evolve their personal style while sharing good grooming habits to be used each day.  With a humble approach to growth and getting to know his clients, Parker Todd is bettering himself, his craft and his ability to connect with everyone he meets each and every day.  

knowledge, creative inspiration and resources to
level up your personal style and well being.


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Parker Todd’s Recommended Products

Right now I’m all about how to maintain a good style throughout the day while growing your hair out.

The Sea Salt Spray is my daily go to for a pre-styling so I apply it before I do anything else to help hold shape and create “memory”.

Oi Shampoo and Oi Conditioner are helpful for those of us growing out their hair and trying to keep it healthy, shiny and easy to style as we go through the grow out process.